Mills: “We’re Really Close” to Victory

One of Iowa’s best up-and-coming freedom candidates may be on the verge of a major upset.  Iowa Freedom Report has learned that new polling data shows him within single digits of incumbent Democrat Amanda Ragan.  Ragan is an assistant majority leader to Mike Gronstaal and a favorite among national Democrat Party leaders.

Mills’s race was initially not on the radar as a possible pick-up for Republicans because of Ragan’s favored status amongst Washington Democrats and her seat on the Health and Human Services committee which allows her access to large amounts of pharmaceutical industry money.  That may be changing soon, however.  As many of the party’s favored candidates are fading, party leaders are increasingly considering a bet on Mills.

Mills credits hard work and focus on issues for his rise.  Ragan, by all accounts, is a fine citizen and genuinely nice individual.  Her campaign strategy then, has been to bank on what she perceives as the ignorance of her voters and win re-election based solely on her pleasant personality and community involvement.

While Iowa Freedom Report won’t begin issuing our endorsements until next week (spoiler alert:  we’re going to endorse Mills), Mills needs an immediate influx of cash to supplement his vigorous door-knocking efforts and put him over the top.  Mills has won praise from local Republicans for his family values and diplomatic presentation of his message, he comes from our movement and our statewide network can be the ones who make the difference.  We know from past election results that there are 10,000-15,000 Iowans who consistently vote for less government, not more.  If every one of us sends James Mills $5, he’ll have more than enough money to win.  Since many out of that group won’t get this appeal, we urge everyone who does to pick up the slack for 4 others and send James Mills $25 today.